10 Benefits of Boxing Workouts Practiced in Gyms Near You

If you are thinking that boxing workouts are only done by the athletes and boxers then you are really wrong in this matter. Yes, it’s a most important exercise of a sportsperson, but other fitness enthusiasts should also practice this activity while hitting at the gyms in Kolkata.

Now, you may ask, why? The answer is quite simple! Boxing workouts not only manage your weight, but these activities really help in strengthening every part of your body. Moreover, some boxing exercises can help you learn to fight for your safety in the future. There are other benefits of boxing workouts as follows:


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1.      Improves Cardiovascular Health

Fitness freaks practice doing cardio to burn calories, manage appetite functionality and manage themselves from different heart diseases. However, you can also punch bags, jump and kick with boxing HIITs to manage the smooth flow of blood of the heart. Boxing workouts help to improve your respiration system and to manage the function of heart rate.

2.      Manage Stress and Depression

The certified fitness trainers in every multi gym in Kolkata and other cities recommends doing boxing workouts when you ask them the tips to get away from anxiety and stress. Psychologists also say that when you cannot share your anger with anyone but you are stressed, just use a punching bag and punch as much as possible to get away from your system. It will really help you control your anger and anxiety.

Boxing workouts will also boost up your mood, improve your sleep, help you in concentrating and gaining energy. Just experience it ones and you will understand the benefits.

3.      Helps in Strengthening Body

Waking up at early in the morning and practicing punching or boxing workouts at the early morning gyms in Kolkata can be the best way to strengthen every part of your body with 10-20 counts of punching and boost up the energy level.      

You may have an old belief that weight-lifting and jogging are the perfect workouts to strengthen your body for different sports, games or achieve any other fitness goal, but in these days fitness enthusiasts prefer getting fast results. However, boxing workouts are the perfect hit up to provide the best results in a short period.

4.      Stabilize and Increase Muscles of the Body

Male fitness lovers are always gaining good biceps and triceps with strong muscles by imitating their favorite actors, but avoid taking steroids and surgeries to gain the muscles. An artificial way to increase muscles can be harmful.

Just naturally stabilize your muscles by doing boxing exercises. This workout can really help in forming anterior, deltoids, triceps, biceps, pectoris and other muscular parts of the body by cutting the fat. You just need to punch your power to the punching bag and punching pillows in various ways with ten repetitions. This will naturally help you in gaining a good physique and a muscular structure.

5.      Manage Human Growth Hormone (HGH)

It is believed that hormonal control can increase the life span of a human being. Managing hormones is a very necessary part of both men and women. So, if you practice intense boxing workouts then it will make your body strong by controlling the hormonal balance and preparing you for sports, boxing competitions and other athletic games.

The coaches of both the gents and ladies’ gyms in Kolkata trains you with appropriate boxing exercises, and you will easily learn how to achieve the fitness target in managing HGH.


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6.      Increase Self-Esteem and Self Confidence

You will naturally value your degree of ability with self-confidence. Boxing workouts are the exact way to increase your self-esteem and boost your confidence to defend yourself at any necessary situation of life.

Remember, competence, competitiveness and fighting spirit can help you reach various goals of life without any trouble. Whenever you are punching and kicking the punching bags/pillows, you are getting inner stability and learning the ways to fight for defending yourself. So, kill your fear and overcome your targets with boxing workouts.

7.      Improves the Body Balance and Mind Concentration

The kicks, bobs, and punches of boxing workouts help you learn how to focus on a particular goal by punching or kicking to the highlighted part of a boxing pillow. This also helps you with a perfect body balance and posture.

Both men and women can do boxing workouts when they are participating in any sports or athletic game. Not only the athletes but the student or office goers also practice these exercises in the selective and best gyms in Kolkata to increase the concentration part of mind along with the weight management.

8.      Maintain the Weight of the Upper Body and the Arms

Power punches of boxing workouts are the exact way to target the flabby areas of upper-cuts, jabs, arms and abdomen. It will help you fight with the fat areas by the kicking and punching-practice sessions guided by the trained coaches in fitness centers in Kolkata.

9.      Helps Hand-Eye Coordination

You may think that hand-eye coordination is not an important part of life but if you try to figure out then you may understand why the coordination between hand and eye is important.

While punching lightweight boxing bags your hand and eye both works together, and this movement helps you maintain the motor skills and equilibrium of both your body and mind. Moreover, the coordination of two body parts is the best way to increase your focus.

10.  Controls the Functionality of the Nervous System

Experts of best multi gyms in Kolkata says that as long as you hit the punching bags and drop sweats from your body, your nervous system gets automatically controlled. With every punch, the blood circulation of veins become active which is the best benefit to nerve functionality.

Best Boxing Workouts by Professional Trainers

If you want to learn some boxing workouts then visit the biggest gyms near you – Starmark Fitness Studio, where the health  coaches will help you use exact way to punch and kick your boxing bag with several new workouts. To know about them, call at 9831130003 or (033) 40011213. If you want to take help from the experts, just visit the address at, 85 Prince Anwar Shah Road, 1st Floor, City High Building if you stay nearby the location. Now just have a look at four boxing workouts designed by the fitness gurus:

  • 30-Seconds Punching in a Slow process – Use a punching bag or medicine ball and start punching it till 30 seconds in a very slow process to activate your energy and focus.
  • 3-Minutes Fast Bag Work – If you are not a newbie fitness lover then try punching kicking the medicine balls for three minutes to strengthen your body and burn calories.
  • 1-Minute Lunges with Pushups – Hold a ball or the punching bag and practice lunges or pushups for one minute with the prop.


image source: https://starmarkfitnessstudio.com/

To learn these exercises or more than the above boxing workouts, try to get lessons from fitness trainers at any gym near you. Don’t try these workouts yourself because they can be injurious to your health if you do wrong practice. If you are a good fitness freak then you can definitely try practicing these activities in your home after buying the workout probs like punching bags and medicine balls